Schön, klug und unterrichtet ...

Viele, viele Jahre war Bartiromo Anchor-Lady auf CNBC. Jeder US Börsianer kennt sie. Ihr Spitzname $ Honey. Eine schöne Frau, eine kluge Frau. Und ganz schön dominant :-) Die interviewten Manager, Chefvolkswirte, Händler etc. wurden regelrecht in eine devote Rolle gedrängt.

Dear Stern Students,

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained some additional seats in the Seminar course: Global Markets and Normative Frameworks: INTA-GB.3105-10.

This course will meet on select Tuesday evenings at the Law School, beginning Tuesday September 20. The course will be convened by Maria Bartiromo, (CNBC Anchor), Tim Collins (CEO Ripplewood Holdings) and Bruce Buchanan (C. W. Nichols Professor of Business Ethics at Stern).

Please review the attached announcement and if you are interested in a place in the course, please apply to the waitlist via

If you receive a seat, you will be informed no later than Monday, September 19.