Paulson kassierte nach den Hypotheken-Wetten 2007 einen Bonus von 3,7 Milliarden Dollar, 2008 kamen nach Wetten auf fallende Bankaktien 2 Milliarden Dollar hinzu, 2009 mit solchen auf steigende Bankaktien weitere 2,3 Milliarden. Seit geraumer Zeit ist Paulson bis über die Ohren long auf US Bankaktien und auf Gold. Ganz neu ist nun eine neue Wette auf den US Häusermarkt, die wie folgt aussieht ...

The billionaire investor, who famously made more than $4 billion betting against the US subprime housing market at its peak in 2007, will be throwing his hat into the race to acquire residential land—and dirt cheap.

Paulson, who manages the $31 billion Paulson & Co. fund, has made a "stalking horse" bid of $42.4 million to acquire the assets of Engle Homes, which includes land and lots in Arizona targeted for more than 8,000 homes, and nine completed residences.

Engle-owned property in Colorado and Nevada is also part of Paulson's proposed deal. Engle is a subsidiary of Technical Olympic USA of Hollywood, Fla. TOUSA IncTOUSQ

The offer follows auctions earlier this year by TOUSA where Paulson also participated, according to Reuters and sources familiar with the matter.

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